ISBAA Presidents Message

President’s Message

Lee Sexton

In this day of technology it is more important than ever to be able to communicate your message. The ISBAA, Inc. has played a key role in the future of surety bail in Indiana. The political environment is ever changing towards the purpose of bail due in part to the economic strains placed on local governments and their ability to find additional funds. The ISBAA has seen several courts in Indiana go to a 10% cash deposit bond in an attempt to collect fines, fees, and cost of representation. These fees are primarily collected before the case is even adjudicated. While some may try to mislead and misrepresent the reason behind this type of bail, it does very little to assure the appearance of the worst defendants being released. The defendant simply promises to appear, knowing they only forfeit the 10% deposit as a “cost of doing business”. No one will hold them accountable and most will continue to commit additional crimes against society and our communities.

The ISBAA, Inc. has continued to work hard to educate those in charge of making decisions in local government and in the General Assembly. As many of our members have found, when you open appropriate lines of communication many will listen. This was evident in SB395 during the 2013 General Assembly session. As your new President of the ISBAA, Inc. I ask everyone to get involved in your local government. It is up to each of you to communicate and educate those involved in your profession. You cannot assume that people know how your profession works and/or how well it works if you sit back and hope that others will do the speaking for you.

In recent weeks the ISBAA, Inc. has worked on revamping its website with the hope of making the information more current and more informative. As time goes on please remember to review your email notifications from the ISBAA, Inc. or visit the website at for current updates. The ISBAA, Inc. is committed to providing information to our members, the media, and anyone else interested in what the profession of surety bail in Indiana is all about. Please join your state association and help the ISBAA, Inc. preserve your future in bail.


Lee C. Sexton